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Anxiety Treatment Resources provides psychological services in the Minneapolis, MN area. Dr. Mary E. Cady, Dr. Thomas V. Hicks, Dr. Ann Layne, Dr. Nick Seivert, Dr. Rebecca Swan, and Dr. Christopher Vye are licensed psychologists with experience in treatment of anxiety disorders. Anxiety Treatment Resources is a specialized practice providing cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy services to individuals suffering from anxiety-based disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, phobias, social anxiety, and performance anxiety.

We believe that these problem areas often demand specific, cognitive-behavorial treatments that focus directly on the symptoms of these conditions. Our treatment strategies are consistent with those that have received support in the scientific treatment-outcome literature.

We also believe that it is important to limit our practice to these problems to insure that we provide the highest quality and up-to-date treatment.

In addition to treatment, we also provide consultation services to other professionals and organizations.

Many of our clients inquire about or are taking medication for their anxiety. We support and respect the use of medication in anxiety treatment and will coordinate care with your psychiatrist or family physician, or make referral to a psychiatrist or physician if necessary.
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